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Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Lifehacker’s Offspring shares how to implement a Kanban, “a simple system for managing your to-dos,” such as this one. (We mentioned it in a past post on dividing up chores.)
  • Fast Company reports that a “maternity concierge service” is helping to keep women on the leadership track at a national bank.
  • Working Mother offers advice on what to do if you are in an unhealthy relationship with your job.
  • The New York Times shares a woman’s love letter to her future surrogate.
  • The Huffington Post reports why postpartum anxiety continues to be overlooked.
  • NPR shares stories from listeners about how various cultures “have come up with ways to ensure that new moms feel supported, loved and able to overcome any problems they have while learning to breast-feed.”
  • NPR also reports that, “In recent years, black girls have been sent home for wearing dreadshead wraps and even wearing their hair naturally.”
  • Scary Mommy shares a helpful positive-discipline cheat sheet.
  • Scary Mommy also shares the story behind a mom’s viral Facebook post that asks, “Can we all climb down off judgmental mountain for a second? And just support one another?”
  • The Washington Post shares three suggestions to help your kids complete summer reading assignments.
  • BuzzFeed has compiled heartwarming reactions to the news that Mindy Kaling is reportedly pregnant.
  • Recipe of the Week: We recently had an open thread about summer recipes for working moms. Kat recommended this quinoa salad, and our readers also shared their faves.
  • Laugh of the Week: The Ugly Volvo shared some Craigslist Missed Connections ads, “Parents4Parents.”

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On Corporette Recently…

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Family Friday: Harry Potter Glow Verbiage Graphic T-Shirt

It’s really interesting that so many different stores now have licensed graphic tees and other items — I used to look at Gap for Star Wars, and another store for something else, etc. Now they all seem to be everywhere, except I’ve only seen Harry Potter at Target. My son likes the things they have, like this t-shirt for $8.99. In general, ladies, what kind of graphic tees (and PJs, hats, sunglasses, etc.) do you like to put your kids in? Do you prefer for them to find their own interests, or do you just think it’s really cute when they wear things like this? I tend to think it’s adorable to have my kid in a Pink Floyd toddler t-shirt — also from Target — but that’s me! Harry Potter Glow Verbiage Graphic T-Shirt

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Previously, on CorporetteMoms…

cmoms-previouslyTravel back in the CorporetteMoms time capsule… Here’s what was on our minds in previous years. 

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Budget Thursday: Dolman Top

A reader at Corporette recommended these Jaclyn Smith tops for work, saying, “I recently found in Kmart (believe it or not) these short-sleeve shirts to wear under blazers. They are better than a cotton dress shirt, look nice, don’t wrinkle, and are fast-drying. They also are only $9.98.” Sounds pretty great! They come in several colors (you can see them all here and here) in sizes S-XXL, and there are other colors and patterns and slightly different styles too. These would be great if you’re traveling or need something fast-drying because you end up getting something on your blouse, whether you’re pumping or you have a toddler with sticky hands — or both. Jaclyn Smith Dolman Top

Two plus-size options are here and here.

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When Working Moms Should Hire A Cleaning Service

Hire a Cleaning Service: When Working Moms Should Hire A Maid, Housekeeper, or Other Cleaning ProfessionalLadies, let’s just discuss: have you hired a cleaning service or cleaning professional to help clean your home? Did you hire a cleaning service BEFORE kids, or was it only something you investigated once you became a parent? (Or, did you ramp up from, say, a quarterly cleaning to a biweekly cleaning?) When would you advise other working moms to hire a cleaning service? On the flip side, is the cost of daycare (or nanny or other childcare) so great that you can’t get behind the idea of hiring a cleaning service — and then have you gotten into the Flylady system or some other cleaning schedule for yourself (even if it’s just a last-minute cleaning system when company’s coming)? 

I still remember when I realized it was time for my family to use a cleaning service — it happened when my older son had just upgraded from the baby tub to the regular tub. For some reason, when I took my own showers I never noticed all the mold and soap scum on the tub, but sitting on the floor next to my son who was happily licking the walls and toys and drinking the dirty bathwater (WHY?), I was horrified. Up until then, my routine for keeping a “clean house” involved 15 minutes every day when I wiped down counters, scrubbed toilets, dusted something, or organized something — but I realized that with a small, crawling, growing little man (who was licking weird stuff) that I needed to raise my game. I had no particular interest in spending more than 15 minutes a day cleaning — or even to scrub the tub on a regular basis! — so this kind of depressed me. 

Around the same time, as luck would have it, we went out for a date night with another married couple, and they started talking about how AMAZING their cleaning professional was. “She’s like the housekeeper I had when I was in London,” the husband, A,  gushed. The wife, my friend N, piped up: “Yes! She asked if she could organize A’s closet and then did a great job!” 

We expressed interest, and so they asked, and soon their cleaning professional, O, was cleaning our home once every two weeks. My home quickly became WAY cleaner than with my own cleaning method — not just cleaner, but more organized. There was at least ONE DAY every two weeks where I felt a sense of peace and calm coming from a 100% clean home. There is no way I could go back to the way things were before!

Some tips from someone who’s had a cleaning professional for a while:

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Washable Workwear Wednesday: Ponte Sheath Dress

I love this dress from Ellen Tracy — I think it’s just so chic and cool. I like the wrapping details at the waist (which are only on the front), the flattering neckline (for me, crewnecks are no good), and the unobtrusive back zipper. The dress is available in a very bright green and this lovely purple. It’s machine wash/tumble dry, and it’s only $79 ($118 after The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over). It comes in sizes 4–16, and do note that it runs large. Ponte Sheath Dress

Here’s a similar dress from Ellen Tracy in plus sizes.

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Psst: See all of our picks from the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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