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Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…            

  • At Refinery29, Nicolette Mason asks, “Who Got Left Behind When ‘Body Positivity’ Went Mainstream?”
  • Racked rounds up six makeup removers to try.
  • The Atlantic reports that some parents who face job discrimination at work are filing lawsuits against their employers — and winning.
  • Treehugger looks at the issue of coworking spaces providing child care.
  • “Achieving the American Dream depends on access to affordable child care,” Katharine Stevens writes for U.S. News & World Report.
  • The Chicago Tribune details the key elements that a paid parental leave program should have.
  • Forbes explains how working moms can advocate for themselves during a Trump presidency.
  • A new review of studies has found that babies may have a higher risk of asthma if their mothers took heartburn drugs while pregnant, as The New York Times reports.
  • STAT details the new guidelines on fish consumption for pregnant women, women who might become pregnant, nursing moms, and kids.
  • If you’re protesting this weekend, read this advice from a “real lawyer,” Lee Apotheker, that’s gone viral this week. Also, Samarra Khaja has some downloadable/printable signs for Saturday.
  • For your Laugh of the Week: Watch a mom try to get out of her baby’s room without waking him up, from Today.

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Finally Friday: Fleur Split Neck Tunic

Loft is having a lovely sale if anyone is in the mood to be tempted — even new arrivals like this tunic blouse are 50% off.  I love the colors, the fact that it comes in regular and petite sizes, and the fact that it’s machine washable. It’s $59.50 full price, but with the code NOEXCUSES you can get 50% off.  Nice! Fleur Split Neck Tunic


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Everyone Thursday: Pressed Flower Necklaces

I’ve always been a fan of pressed flower stickers — but a necklace is a much better idea. I saw some fancier versions at Anthropologie recently and really liked them; Etsy of course has a similar option for about a fourth of the price.  (For some reason a lot of the pressed flower pendants are very bulbous, which seems like they wouldn’t lay properly as a pendant — seller Iskra Creations seems to have good ratings and a wide variety of flat, pretty pressed flower necklaces and pendants.  The pictured necklace, Queen Anne’s lace, is $32.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Fancy Diaper Bag When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

The case against fancy diaper bags | CorporetteMomsHere’s a fun question for you guys: what would you tell new moms NOT to buy? What did you buy that was a waste of money or a mistake for your family? For me, the big answer to this question is a fancy diaper bag — I now advise all of my friends to NOT buy a fancy diaper bag when they find out they’re pregnant.

(Pictured: a lovely $1400 Burberry diaper bag to consider if you don’t want to listen to this advice!)

All of my friends and I made this mistake: the second we found out we were pregnant we started looking for fancy diaper bags.  Resist the urge to do this! At least until after the kiddo is born and you’ve been using a diaper bag for a little bit of time and have a better sense of your needs (and the level of grossness that often comes with babies).  For example, the one that I bought (a very nice Rebecca Minkoff one that’s still available) I ended up hating, because I didn’t want a two-handled tote bag — one handle would fall off my shoulders, and I felt like the whole thing threw my balance off further, particularly if I was babywearing.  It also didn’t fit neatly over the stroller handles (or underneath in the basket) — in short, I used it about three times.

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Washable Workwear Wednesday: Circle Cardigan

I’ve mentioned this sweater a few times, but: have I mentioned that it’s one of my FAVORITE things that I bought recently? It’s ridiculously soft and cozy, holds its shape, and — huzzah! — is machine washable.  I love the bamboo knit so much I got my aunt a waterfall cardigan and my brother a pillow for the holidays. Nordstrom keeps showing this cardigan with leggings, and the waterfall cardigan with lingerie, but both are more than appropriate to wear to work for a casual day. (I just went through several pages of reviews to make sure I’m not crazy, since Nordstrom literally has this in the “robes” section, but no, a lot of other women mention wearing it to work as well. Regarding the complaints about the arms running small, I found it true to size, and I’ve never considered my arms particularly svelte.) The sweaters do have a nubby texture, but it doesn’t strike me as schlubby at all — and thus far it’s held up better than other cashmere and other sweaters that pill like mad. This cardigan is $115, available at Nordstrom and Amazon. (Nordstrom also has it in plus sizes.) Barefoot Dreams® ‘Circle’ Cardigan

(To discuss: what is your favorite sweater material to wear around the house with the kids? I bought a ton of cashmere last year on sale and am finding that my littlest seems to make a beeline for me as soon as his hands are gross and I’ve got cashmere on. If I’m not wearing this cardigan I often opt for sweatshirts on the weekends, but I have yet to find a brand or style that I really like.)

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